Cultural Influences On New Culture Essay

Cultural Influences On New Culture Essay

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Cultural influences on adapting a new culture and move to a new country create economic and health impacts to immigrant families. According to Brook, the definition of culture is a system of values, beliefs, ways of thinking, routines, rituals, and institutions established by a group or population (p 34). Some cultures between different cities have already had differences, how about two different counties? The value, customs, and tradition are the basic differences that immigrants can easily discover. For example, Asian culture and American culture are two totally different cultures that make Asian immigrant adults have a hard time to get to know the new cultures, moreover, this challenge might be able to influence their entire lives. Immigrant parents would like their children to continue their education that they would like to send their children to school. Parents know their children can learn and fit into the new culture easily, but they do not want them to forget their native culture that they try to teach their children their native culture as much as they can. Immigrants have ...

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