Essay on Cultural Identifiers, Stereotypes, And Traditions

Essay on Cultural Identifiers, Stereotypes, And Traditions

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Identify the population and provide a description and background of the population including potential cultural identifiers, stereotypes, and traditions.
Latino population is one of the largest minority group in the United State. The name Latino is a term designed to encompass a variety of groups: Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, Dominican Americans, and increasingly, U.S residents of Central and South American descent. They are refer to Latino because they are Spanish-speaking nation and they share some common history of colonization, similarities in their connection and adaptation to the Catholic Church (Fong et al, 2012).
Latino is the preferred term as one that is self-applied, as compared to Hispanic, which is a term imposed by government entities in their census work. Due to economic crisis, war, political history and turmoil in there nation they decided to seek safe refuge in United State, although most of the Latino immigrate are undocumented residents in the United State and there is a critical stress and fear of being found and deported.
Most Latino immigrate come to USA with the driven desire to provide for their love ones and to achieve the American dream of a better life, they are faced with an incredible emotional commotion with the separation experiences from family, friends, heritage and culture. Immigrating into a new environment where the culture and life style is different create an overwhelming feeling.
Moreover, the Latino population have some cultural values and behavioral norms such as: Spirituality: the cornerstone of one’s being, Family (familismo): the core principle in one’s life, Value of children, value of community (compradazco), Interpersonal relations: value of respect (res...

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...rural population in identifying potential partners by engaging them around their self-interest in the community and this partnership involves both the internal and external resources. The partnership will resolve some of the rural community problems through the provision of job opportunities, good infrastructures and more income (Ohmer et al 2009).
Moreover, practicing social workers can assist the rural population by advocating for their right, where there are provided with the needed support to develop themselves, such as: good medical centers, qualified accredited schools and college, job opportunities, housing and recreational centers. The social worker can educate the rural population by introducing basic academicals programs that will increase their knowledge gap, in order for them to be aware of their privileges and not to be ignorant of their right.

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