Latino Immigration In Roberto Suro's Strangers Among Us

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Roberto Suro, the author of “Strangers Among Us”, wrote arguably one of the most sincere and informative immigration related narratives. Suro’s analysis and observations of the emergence of social and economic immigrant contribution go into great depth and explanation of exactly how Latino Immigration is slowly but surely transforming America. Suro’s narrative gives an in depth look at various Latino groups and how each group adapted and intertwined with American societies around the nation. Each Latino group regardless of immigrating location had its own separate story and journey as they each have immigrated to an American generation that is seeing economic changes with an overall unsympathetic American attitude towards immigrants. Immigrating to another nation forms…show more content…
Relating his personal experiences and encounters of being raised as the son of Latino immigrants within the states, readers are presented with realistic and factual accounts of Latino immigration. As a successful and renowned American journalist, Suro’s narrative was a successful, four-part exploration of Latino status, future trajectory, and points of origin. Within “Strangers Among Us”, Suro takes a look at network migration while contrasting African Americans and Latinos. In the second part, Suro analyzes and interprets Latino immigration and the reactions of Americans and other ethnicities. He then analyzes various Latino groups throughout America in six different large cities within the country before finally in part four, identifying immigration policies that he believes will work and be successful within the states. Suro’s narrative successfully analyzes and discusses many issues within Latino Immigration while giving an overview of many different Latino groups and how each group and America deal with this rising

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