Cultural Controversy Over Kylie Jenner And Her Appropriation Of Black White Culture

Cultural Controversy Over Kylie Jenner And Her Appropriation Of Black White Culture

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When the topic of cultural controversy is researched, it is not a huge surprise that one of the first articles returned was about Kylie Jenner and her appropriation of “Black” culture. The article in question was written by Stereo Williams for “The Daily Beast”, an online magazine. He introduced the controversy of Kylie posting pictures of a cake for her bestfriend, Jordyn Woods, that said “Happy Birthday N-word(a)”. As a sign of common sense and respect, for the remainder of the article the untouchable word for White people will be referred to as N-word, if a distinction needs to be made as to the ending, it will be included in brackets following the “word”. Although Kylie denies having any part in the cake, Williams states that the problem is her sharing it on social medias, to her millions of followers. He continues on from this by saying the “ever-growing problem in the fight against racism”(Williams, 2015), is White friends. He stated that the White friend who claims “colorblindness” and only mentions race in the occasional joke is a huge problem in the fight against racism. It can be assumed that Williams White friend comments could be applied to Kylie’s obvious indifference to the cultural injustice and racism. Williams explores the dangers that can be associated with cultural denial and colorblindness. Although the points he made did not just apply to Kylie, for simplicities sake she acts as a shining example of his points. He says that her ignorance is promoting the idea that racism is over, and allows people to think that not seeing race is an acceptable route to racial equity. To come back to the original idea of the article, Williams pointed out that White people will never truly understand why they can’t use the N-w...

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...t. She merely gets the brunt of the blame due to her raised social status and mass amounts of people who look up to her. She not only assisted in the use and spread of the N-word, but she did so with younger fans who are easily impressioned. Kylie Jenner is furthering the oppression of a culture, and a race. It is people like her in positions of power that make things like saying the N-word seem acceptable, and the question becomes “Why can’t I say the N-word too?” rather than “How can I use my privilege to help a culture from discrimination?”. Racism and oppression are the only thing that can come from using the N-word if you are white. If it is such an injustice to not be able to say the N-word, tell me why White people would want to use the N-word, a tool of oppression, if not for the single purpose of keeping a group oppressed and maintaining their own privilege?

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