White Privilege In Our Society

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All people reaching an equilibrium is a distant dream. Searching for ways to make our lives equal is difficult. Everyone on Earth needs to cooperate to make this dream a reality. We often go through life not paying attention to the privileges we possess. Some don’t believe that white privilege, for example, exists. However, privilege is a very real thing present in our everyday lives. Therefore, privilege influences the advantages that are present in our lives. It is clear that men all over the world have more privilege than women and people of other genders. An example is, when I was born, my grandmother had hoped that I would have been born a boy. My grandmother also wanted my older sister to be a boy. An overwhelming amount of people in the South Asian community value men over women. They feel that men will be able to take care of them and overall are worth more than women. These are the same people that believe that women are only good at housework, which is an extremely dangerous idea that can unfortunately affect a women’s education and career. Another privilege that men possess is that they are able to do many things without having to worry for their safety. For example, women are often told not to go out at

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