Essay on Cultural Competency Made A Person From An Indian Culture

Essay on Cultural Competency Made A Person From An Indian Culture

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As the semester has come down to an end, I have realized how much I have grown. This class is designed to teach students on how to become culturally aware. In class, we have read many articles that are supposed to help us learn about different cultures. Personally, I found some of the articles offensive. For example, the article about cultural competency made me feel shameful that I was Caucasian. The article made it out to seem that my race made me culturally unaware. When in fact, I am more culturally aware than I have ever been. Despite reading this hurtful article, I did enjoy reading the case studies. Actually, I learned a lot from the case studies. For example, we had a case study about a person from an Indian culture. I have do not have experience working with that culture. Therefore, I had to research information about the client’s culture to be able to better understand him.
In addition to our reading materials in class, I learned a lot about other cultures through hearing different students culture backgrounds. I am fortunate that I was in a class mixed with different ages, sex, and ethnic backgrounds. I was able to hear different stories from different age generations. This is beneficial for me when dealing with older clients. It can be challenging being in the professional setting where I am younger than my client. Thus, I learned from hearing the stories of my peers on how to address clients that are older than me. I was able to hear how my classmates viewed society and viewed cultural experiences based on their age, sex, and ethnic backgrounds. Personally, hearing my classmate’s stories about their life experiences is a learning experience in itself. It is a quality of the coursework I loved the ...

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...fficient counselor, I feel that you have to understand your client’s culture. I have learned how to do all this through my studies and education. I have learned how to be culturally competent and I have exposed myself to other cultures too. Thus, through my education, awareness, and exposure, I define myself as culturally competent.
This course was designed to help students gain a greater understanding of cultures and society. I feel through our readings, story telling, and being forced to experience other cultures has taught me how to be more aware of other cultures. Through personal reflection, I have realized how much I have grown culturally and personally throughout this course. With this being said, it is with great honor to say that I am culturally competent due to the education I have received throughout my studies at the University of Holy Cross.

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