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According to Osmond & Darlington (2005, p.3), as a professional social worker that critical reflection could be a fundamental approach to contribute to their work. Besides, the best value of the critically reflective approach might have a chance to engage with different ideas, knowledge, feelings and theories. Thus, critical reflection is a necessary approach to every social work to contribute them to be professional. Previously, my definition of health inequalities might only limited in the disability field. However, after finishing this course that totally changed my thoughts. Based on 11 weeks’ lectures, the concept of health inequalities might refer to the differences in the health outcomes or status among ethnic, racial, sexual orientation and social classes (Kawachi et al, 2009, p. 7). For example, this course involves indigenous people health inequality as a topic to show how urgent issue it is, meanwhile, it notices Australian people need to pay more attention on indigenous people. As the lecturer introduced, the reason why there is a large percent indigenous people has health inequalities issues is because several reasons, such as psychological shadow from history of being invaded, social stress from discrimination or excessive intake of alcohol and so on. As the only one Asian student in my class that way of communication might be the biggest challenge for me. Gradually, I feel talking with others is not horrible things after divided into the groups from week 2. Hence, I am thankful for my group mates giving me enough patience and tolerance and respecting my national culture. In every discussion time, my group mates would give me enough time to think about the questions and ask my opinions also give me their responses.... ... middle of paper ... ...r, I understood and learned what is my responsibility when my identity is a social worker, why I need to follow the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Code of Ethics principles when I were a social worker or I would to do ethical decision-making. I was trying to imagine if I were a social worker and facing patients from the palliative care field. However, I was trying to use all theories that I learned, however, I still feel too hard to handle my personal emotions to pull away from patients and their cases. As a new social work student, I might have a long way to learn how to control my personal emotion to pull away from clients. In conclusion, health inequalities this course teaches me lots of useful theories, meanwhile, from class discussions and group presentation that I learned several practicable skills, which might contribute to my future job.

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