The Cuban Missile Crisis And The Assassination Of One Of The Greatest Presidents

The Cuban Missile Crisis And The Assassination Of One Of The Greatest Presidents

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What would have been? A perfect question with an indecisive answer. Even today, many ask what would have been had it not been for the roaring 1960’s. Including a profusion of skeptical doings and unforgiving outcomes, this time era changed the country as people know it. During this generation, there were a magnitude of events that changed the way people viewed the country and people within the country. Ranging from The Cuban Missile Crisis, to the assassination of one of the greatest presidents to ever live. From Martin Luther King, to the dubious doings of the Vietnam War. Deeming the 1960s as “roaring” could very well be an understatement.
Where to begin? An excellent question. Let’s begin with John F. Kennedy winning presidency. On November 8th, 1960, one of, if not the best president to ever live took office. Beginning with a bang, Kennedy encouraged Americans to “ask not what your country can do you—ask what you can do for your country” (Coles, P.766). Establishing himself early that he was a man of the people, Kennedy began to institute different reform movements that are still seen today. Take the Peace Corps for example, which was an executive order to promote good will and incorporate people, the youth to be exact, into volunteering. John F. Kennedy began to institute himself as one of the best Presidents early in his career.
Along with trying to show to people of the country he was different, he also decided to show the world that he was a different breed of president unlike the country had ever seen. His first test may have been the greatest test of United States History. Beginning on October 14th, 1962 and lasting fourteen days, the country was at a standstill, in fear of their future. The Cuban Missile Crisis was ...

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...rnment as a method to inhibit African American voting. Not only were African American’s finally being seen as people of the country, they were also having their voice be a say in what the future of the country would hold. These two pieces of legislation were seen as turning points for the African American community.
In conclusion, the 1960s were definitely a time of high controversy. Looking at this era now, without it, it would very well mean a different country today. Many people, myself included may not be here, Since the things in the 60s happened it allowed for the country to diversify itself and really establish itself as the lone superpower of the world. From the assassination of one of the greatest presidents to ever live, to African Americans gaining the recognition they sought so long for. To call the 1960s “roaring” could very well be an understatement.

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