Impact Of The Cold War On The World Today

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The Cold War is a term developed to represent the antagonistic relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union between the mid 1940s until the end of the 1990s. The development of tension between these two countries represented two differentiating perspectives on ideological that also impacted the rest of the world. As a result, I believe the Cold War still has an impact on our world today due to the constant issue of the security dilemma as well as the current relations countries have with each other.

According to the realist perspective, the Cold War was the result of “a security dilemma that forced the two superpowers to fill the power vacuum in Europe,” (Perspectives on IR) post the second World War given that the United States …show more content…

During the Cold War Era, the United States and Soviet Union were placed in a very tense standing when the Soviet Union placed their nuclear-armed missiles on Cuba, which was just a 90 miles away from the United States (Cuban Missile Crisis). The Soviet Union aimed to have their nuclear missiles in Cuba as a way to ensure a more even playing field given from the weapons’ set up from Western Europe and Turkey (since the United States also had their nuclear missiles placed in Turkey as well). In order to come to a closing means on the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union agreed to remove their missiles in order to avoid Cuba getting invaded, while the United States secretly removed theirs from Turkey (Cuban Missile Crisis). However, the Cold War’s impacts still carry on to this day due to the relationship between the United States and Cuba. This is seen from the United States establishing, and still upholding the country’s political, economic, as well as financial embargo on Cuba. The Cold War left the relationship between the United States and Cuba nearly nonexistent from 1961 until just this past year when both countries reopened their respective embassies for one another on July 20th (U.S and Cuba Re-Establish Relations). Consequently, the impacts of the Cold War still must be studied by experts in the

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