Criticism Is Bad And Constructive Criticism Essays

Criticism Is Bad And Constructive Criticism Essays

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Throughout life you will make a countless number of decisions. From small decisions like what to wear, to huge decisions like deciding when is the right time to have a baby. And throughout your journey there will be people who judge your decisions. Then, you might question yourself and think “Did I make the right choice?”, but you must not let others’ criticism get in your way. You will always receive criticism but it is up to you to decide how you will handle and capitalize off it. Not all criticism is bad. People will give you constructive criticism to try and help you improve yourself. You should then take it into consideration and make changes to better yourself. Accepting destructive and constructive criticism is something we must all learn to do because it is part of our daily lives.

Criticism can be defined as “the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016). Destructive criticism has only one purpose and that is to point out faults and mistakes and to tear down a person emotionally. If done repeatedly I would say it is even bullying. Examples of bad criticism are “Your outfit sucks”, “you can be very annoying sometimes”, “your art sucks” and “what are you doing with your life”. A person saying these things only goal is to belittle someone or something. When someone criticizes they usually dislike a person or certain idea so they do not take into consideration others’ feelings. They speak before they think about what they are going to say many times it becomes troublesome. Destructive criticism should especially be avoided in the workplace. Not only will it create unnecessary tension between coworkers but it will also affect customer ser...

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...was imperative in the kitchen, and that I just needed to go to work in a better mood and things would be better. I took his constructive criticism and really put it into action. I drastically improved my work ethic and now I feel like there isn’t a job I can’t do. I’ve trained a couple of cooks and give them constructive criticism hoping they will benefit from it like I did. Even constructive criticism can be hard to accept but it will help you grow.
Destructive criticism should always be avoided. Negative, cruel feedback can hurt a person’s feelings and lower their self-esteem. “It can make an individual lose faith in his capabilities” (Difference Between, 2015). Constructive criticism contributes to an individual’s growth and most people will greatly appreciate it. It points out there flaws but in a considerate way so that they can better themselves in the future.

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