Imperfection: Why Humans Are Imperfect?

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Humans are imperfect. We often need to step out of ourselves and look back as a third person. I am imperfect. Accept constructive feedback that shows us our weaknesses, so that we can work on it to be real, not perfect. However, for some of us, it 's not easy and I understand it. It 's not about how old we are, how rich we are or even how talented we are, but it 's about how real we are to accept the fact that we are still imperfect. We are born to be real, not to be perfect Imperfections that are not worthy to be proud of, are better to give up earlier than later. We have seen even exceptional folks missing the mark at times. They appear to be helpless and hold it for a long. Underestimating others & the ideas Expect anything from anyone. Just because someone is…show more content…
They’re people. And, as it turns out, people like to be treated like people. Go figure. - Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO at HubSpot No matter what, we deserve love and appreciation Irrespective of our imperfections we are unique and have our own strengths. We should appreciate all the positives and uniqueness. Give credit where it 's due. We all need help from each other. We need critics too. Let 's thank those who encourage us and also to those who disagree with us, help us find our imperfections and weaknesses. As we grow older and learn more, we don 't worry about receiving, but rather strive for giving it back. Let it be the best of our work, knowledge or even a few words of appreciation. Keep giving it and keep sharing it with others. Finally, let 's be real What 's the point, if we expect others to be real, but we ourselves are not? Let us be honest and real here to accept that this is how the world operates. There would still be people, who would misunderstand, underestimate us, treat people as resources and seek problems in everything we do. Let that not affect us from being what we are and what we do. Keep getting better and keep getting
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