Essay on Critical Review On The Knowledge- Based System

Essay on Critical Review On The Knowledge- Based System

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Critical Review
The Knowledge- based system is a computer program which is designed around the base of particular knowledge. It is considered a key part of pioneering artificial intelligence attempts to model the human behavior in some situations. The building of this system is going through several stages: specification, implementation, validation, and evaluation. There are many researches regarding implementation stage to provide and determine the most efficient way to build and design the interface system, especially in the knowledge representation phase.
In the article “Intelligent Interface for Knowledge –based System” Nyoman Karna, Lping Supriana, and Ulfa Maulidevi (2014) aim to propose a design for intelligent interface, which can be used in the knowledge-based system. Each knowledge-based system is unique by its Knowledge representation. As a result of the diversity of problems, goals, and solutions, the knowledge which is presented in one knowledge-based system cannot be used by other systems. The purpose of this article is providing a unified model that has ability to represent all kinds of the knowledge. The success of the recommended model should ensures the interaction between the knowledge-based systems in terms of the knowledge sharing, integration, and transfer between different systems.
First of all, Knowledge representation is defined by the authors as a branch of Artificial intelligence which represents symbols and stores information in these symbols in order to give the users specific knowledge from the retained information. Every knowledge representation requires a declarative language to define how the formalism of knowledge representation should form a clear sentence, an understood structure, and a mean...

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...mended sharing inferences, the research would have been more innovative. The sharing of inferences could be implemented by adding another model which can execute the demand of the end user effectively throughout knowledge-based system.
To conclude, each knowledge-based system has its own knowledge, so building an intelligent interface into the knowledge-based system is very vital to ensure the knowledge sharing among the different systems. I strongly believe that the knowledge model that was recommended by the authors is very useful to minimize the time and the cost of utilization of knowledge-based system. As a result of the proposal model, AI programmers can contribute to reduce the high price of designing knowledge-based system during knowledge representation; therefore the end user can use and get benefits from the knowledge- based system more than before.

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