Case Based Reasoning

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Medical and medication errors and adverse events are well known issues in the health care industry, regardless of country. Errors are either the correct implementation of the wrong procedure or the wrong implementation of the correct procedure (IOM, 1999 pp23-25). Adverse events are considered unintended injuries and/or harm that are caused to the patient but not necessarily due to human error. This proposal will present a technical solution, using case based reasoning, to help prevent the occurrence of errors, thus reduce adverse events, and to make suggestions to the line staff as to what to do when such an event or error happens.

Purpose and Goals

One of many nationwide initiatives to help reduce the occurrence of unnecessary medical errors and adverse events is the use of the integrated Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). A CDSS is a system that provides the right information to the right person in a right format through a right channel at the right time of workflow to facilitate better decision-making by clinicians, reduce errors, and also to prevent adverse events (AHRQ, 2008). This proposal is a case based CDSS system that provides point of care clinical decision support, ensures five rights of medication administration (right person, right drug, right dose, right time and right route), and is designed to prevent or reduce the occurrence errors and adverse events at Perpetual Order of Saints Hospital (POSH).

The case based reasoning system proposed here mimics the human decision making process by learning from previous experience and using the knowledge to solve current problem. This system will utilize previous adverse episodes and their solutions to prevent reoccurrences, and also to detect the oc...

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