The Crisis Of The United States Essay

The Crisis Of The United States Essay

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Having a front row seat and watching companies grow and flourish to knocking on deaths door I saw first hand the changes that occurred as a result of our strained economy leading to the recession. The changes that took place during this time, and continue today have shattered my hope for all levels of employees, aside from those who reside at the top of the chain.

I am sure everyone remembers 2007-2009 as if it were yesterday. It was during this time frame most employers began downsizing and terminations were occurring almost every week. The employees who survived rounds of layoffs would spend much of their time holding their breath just waiting for the notification to “meet in x office at x time.” As it slowly tapered off, the downsizing survivors were left with a rack full of hats. These hats came in all varieties of sizes because now you were expected to wear each of them, change them as needed, and run like you never ran before. You were expected to feel thankful for remaining at the company because after all “you survived.” This must mean you hold some value, right? Your value to the company was not only determined on how much you can do for them at the same wage, but how loyal you are to your employer during these “difficult and unforeseen times.” Mysteriously your colleagues may have just disappeared one day. Only to receive a notice that this person, who just yesterday was working along side you, has decided to “pursue other opportunities and as always we wish them the best of luck in their endeavors!” Yes, I 'm certain you recognize this language.

You see, the shift has created an employers market allowing them to dangle carrots in front of their existing employees and become increasingly selective on new ones. These ...

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I lived this rat race on both sides of the fence. My career in HR catapulted nearly to the top of the chain. I fought for my positions, chased carrots, took abuse, looked hard for new opportunities until I eventually could not physically and mentally take the endless vicious cycle any more. I took a risk after getting healthy again to build my own small business with the hopes of successfully earning an income on my own. Although I stopped searching for work in the HR field several months ago, occasionally I get an email of interest from my previous resume submissions. The last one I saw complimented me on my resume and stated “before setting up a time to speak can you please answer this question: what are your goals for 2016 and 2017?” Well, sir that is simple: “being kind, being true to myself and others, and making money.” PRESS SEND AND DELETE.

Cheryl Rapp

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