Creativity: Definition & Importance Essay

Creativity: Definition & Importance Essay

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Creativity: Definition & Importance
Creativity is the ability to join ideas together in a unique way or to make uncommon connections between ideas. Creativity allows individuals to develop different ideas and methods to use when approaching tasks and problems. Most individuals have creative potential, however many do not know how to access it. Creative individuals possess traits that others do not. These traits can include independence, confidence, positive self-evaluation, problem solving skills, and perseverance . These skills have become increasingly important in organizations in today’s Information Age.
Creativity is an important aspect of any organization. Individuals who think creatively allow organizations to become privy to new ideas and innovations. Organizations lacking in creative individuals are missing out on opportunities for innovation. In today’s business world, creative individuals are valuable in organizations. With the ambiguity in financial markets and high levels of global competition, many organizations only survive due to individual creativity being used to facilitate innovation within the organization . Creativity allows an individual to have a competitive advantage over another individual .
Creativity: Personal Case Analysis
Through personal experience, creativity has proven to be a fundamental aspect of business, especially marketing management. As a marketing management student, creativity is a skill asset that must continuously improved upon as new technologies, inventions, and ideas appear every day. As many university students have the opportunity to complete their degree with cooperative education, having an advantage such as proven individual creativity is extremely important to stand out amo...

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...e related. Over the second week I began to open my mind to new and unfamiliar ideas. I tried to say yes to things I would normally be hesitant to try. This process allowed me to think and view ideas and concepts in a new light. I feel this step really allowed me to realize how much creative potential I have.
Step 3: Become Motivated
Becoming motivated to complete tasks was extremely easy for me after completing step two. By becoming more open-minded I began to become more perceptive of my environment. This allowed me to become motivated create original ideas and methods of completing school and work tasks. I became eager to see what new ideas I could create when I was presented with new tasks.
Results & Conclusions
Over the course of three weeks I have implemented this plan and I have began to see an increase in my creativity through my schoolwork and my job.

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