Essay about Creating Music For Workout Should Be Something

Essay about Creating Music For Workout Should Be Something

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Creating music for workout should be something that is well thought out and something that can keep the mood right. In the Study done by the National Academy of Sciences USA (2014), people were to create music for a workout they were about to perform, and they also had subjects that were not to create music for the workout (Bond, 2014, 17). The exercisers exerted equal force while lifting when listening to music and not listening to music, however, the lifters that did listen to music didn’t used as much oxygen as the others who didn’t (p. 17). The lifters also felt that the workout wasn’t as hard (p. 17). This shows that people that listen to music during a workout will have more fun and complete the workout in faster time.
Music and Exercise Intensity. Exercise is similar to working out/lifting in ways, but in other ways exercise is different. The difference in exercise is that there is no format on how to exercise, and it could be as simiple as going on a casual walk. In some instances exercise does have a regimen, or a layout of how to do something. Exercising is more about just getting out and doing something, and being active. There are, however, various statges of intensity when it comes to exericsing. When looking at an article from ACE fitness, which is a company with qualified health and fitness professionals and health coaches, there were many tests compiled up there were test done with the varible of music, and the intensity of each workout was different in its own manner too. Carl Foster, who has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Exercise and Health promotion, says that, “Basically you get with the of the music. You want to step at the rate the music is playing or you want to pedal a cycle at the rate of t...

... middle of paper ... music plays such a big part in a little subject like this, but obviously it does. The studies prove that music during workouts of strength training and exercises not involving stress training can help perform better with mood and overall performance. The major points in this paper should be helpful, because they are so broad that there is a lot to talk about in the studies that have been done by professionals, like Hayakawa and his bench stepping study. That information came from the volumes of Perceptual and Motor skills, which also had the study done by Macone on the 32 undergraduate students. There are many key points that can be taken out, like when Archibald says that music should only be played when the lift that is to be done needs only little technique involved (para. 6). Hopefully this paper informs enough on the effects and uses of music in kinesiology.

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