Racial Stereotypes in Television

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Racial stereotyping in the media should be stopped because it teaches thee current generation to embrace the views before them. For countless years, various religious and ethnic groups have been portrayed on television based on the popular and, many times, erroneous stereotypes. Past generations have grown up with their religion or ethnic group exposed in a light that may be very negative and insulting to their culture. Television over the years has molded the minds of its viewers – young and molding the minds of young viewers and showing them that the way a certain group of people are being portrayed, is the way they really are. Particular groups of people are though, shown in a particularly good light, but in that are becoming narrow-minded, and feelings of superiority could begin to rise. As if children today are not dealing with enough, the media certainly is not helping. Television is making the shows out to seem like one race is better than another. For instance, the stereotype that black people always have guns, are in gangs, or can play basketball. And also the idea that white people are rich people that are scared of the black people. When these views are reflected onto young viewers, their thinking towards certain groups, or themselves could change drastically. For example, the television show Good Times from the 1970s. Good Times features the Evans family. This black family of five living in a cramped two bedroom apartment. Mr. Evans is, more often than not, characterized as an unintelligent man because he as can hardly read and write and is therefore forced to work at a low paying job dead in jobs.. He is also portrayed as a man who is jealous of his own wif... ... middle of paper ... ... Some people fought for so long to get away from the racist mindset that people are less others. Allowing racist attitudes to flourish in modern television is only turning back time. If things keep up as they are going, a whole new generation of close minded people, and feelings of superiority to will began to rise to the forefront, and so much of the equality that has been fought for so long will be lost. Works Cited Frazier, Miriam. Stereotypes in the Media Hannah Willis. 12 December 2011. Maurice, Joseph.Racial Stereotypes in Televison Hannah Willis. 12 December 2011. "Racial Sterotypes on TV. Masonross" 30 October 2008: 1. Senghas, Sarah. "Racial Sterotypes and the Media."Associated Content 27 Novermber 2011: 1-2. That 70's Show. Dir. David Trainer. Perf. Kutchor. 1998.
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