Essay on Costa Ric A Spanish Speaking Country

Essay on Costa Ric A Spanish Speaking Country

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Costa Rica is located in Latin America and is a Spanish speaking country. It is conveniently located between Panama and Nicaragua and is very close to the Caribbean Sea and also close to the Pacific Ocean. While it is about ten degrees of equator, Costa Rica can have a variety of temperature changes, most of which can be within the range of being tropical ,humid, and raining. This country is very diverse with people despite how small it is in size.
History of the conquista
It was in 1560 that the first Spanish settlers arrived to the country (The History of Costa Rica, 2000). When they arrived to the country, the they were quite surprised that the indigenous people were not willing to work the labor that they were forced into. It was then that the area started to grow slowly and was then considered to be a providence of the Spanish (The History of Costa Rica, 2000). The company had finally achieved its highly anticipated independence in about 1821. It was not until 1848 that it had finally was able to be turned into a republic. During the years of 1870 and 1882 the country was under the military leadership of dictator Tomas Guardia. Since then the country has been able to be considered democratic (The History of Costa Rica, 2000).

History of the native people
There is not much that is very known of the first people groups that settled in Costa Rica. One of the first groups of peoples that existed in Costa Rica would be the Chorotegas (Countries and Their Cultures, 2014). They had came from Mexico in the year A.D. 500. They came from Mexico to be able to escape that slavery that was happening while they were there (Countries and Their Cultures, 2014). It is believed that most of the customs and traditions tha...

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...the first Protestant worship services were in San Jose, there were a diverse background of people were in the service when it first began (Religion and Churches in Costa Rica). There were people who were from Germany, England, America, and some natives who had attended the service (Religion and Churches in Costa Rica). It was not until the year 1865 that the first church was made in the capital of San Jose for the local community (Religion and Churches in Costa Rica). The church was a non- denominational church, then in 1896 this church was considered to be a part of the communion called Anglican (Religion and Churches in Costa Rica). The Catholics had made it quite difficult to for the Protestant missionaries to make worship centers and they are very territorial over their soil being that it is not the practice of Catholicism (Religion and Churches in Costa Rica).

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