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    Cost Rica Costa Rica lies in the tropics and originated as a land of peaceful people and lush ecosystems. The Costa Rica of today is much different than a simple ideal tourist location. It is a country that ranks among the world’s highest in biodiversity. In addition, there is no separation between church and state. It is a country with a woman president and no army. The economy of Costa Rica is challenged on a daily basis and the education of its residents is recognizable. The purpose of this paper

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    president of Costa Rica] Costa Rica’s history, geography, people, lifestyle, and society are very important in the development of the country. History In 1559, Costa Rica was conquered by the Spanish. The city Cartago was established by Juan Vasquez de Coronado, but was later destroyed in 1723 by the volcano Irazù. In 1821, Costa Rica became independent from Spain and became part of the Mexican Empire of Augustin de Iturbide, but in 1823 it entered a civil war with Mexico and won its freedom. Costa Rica

  • Ecotourism In Costa Rica

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    promotes the welfare of local people. Costa Rica is often viewed as the epicenter of ecotourism; in brief it has become the leading destination for ecotourism in Latin America (Horton, 2009). Although ecotourism has been an integral part of the Costa Rican economy over the past decades, there is a significant need to look into the neoliberal policies that drive the sector as there is research that illustrates the detriment it can cause a local community. Furthermore, Costa Rica’s ecotourism boom occurred

  • Costa Rica Culture

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    Costa Rica While researching the beautiful country of Costa Rica, I found many sources. These sources discussed every aspect of Costa Rica. For example, they explained the country’s historical background, common foods, clothing styles, geography, and government. This being said, I have organized this paper into five sections: overview, historical background, cultural aspects, geography and climate, and government. My goal in this paper is to show the many aspects of Costa Rica. The

  • Poverty In Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a small, democratic country, located in Central America. Nicaragua is to the north of Costa Rica and Panama to the south and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The country is very small, only about 32,000 square miles and is slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia (CIA, para. 2 2013). This beautiful country only covers about 0.03% of the earth’s surface, yet contains about 5% of the biodiversity in the world (Visit Costa

  • Costa Dric The History Of Costa Rica

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    Introduction Costa Rica is located in Latin America and is a Spanish speaking country. It is conveniently located between Panama and Nicaragua and is very close to the Caribbean Sea and also close to the Pacific Ocean. While it is about ten degrees of equator, Costa Rica can have a variety of temperature changes, most of which can be within the range of being tropical ,humid, and raining. This country is very diverse with people despite how small it is in size. History of the conquista It was

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    Costa Rica Costa Rica has a culture and landscape, along with other intriguing aspects, that would make almost anyone want to visit there. I had always wanted to go out of the country, so my friend Doug and I decided that Costa Rica was the place to be. This Spanish speaking paradise lies between Mexico and South America. The entire country is practically surrounded by water with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Needless to say, there was a lot more in Costa

  • Descriptive Essay On Costa Rica

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    to a country called Costa Rica. Now the reason I say Costa Rica is because it was a county I had no prior knowledge about, I did not even know where it was located until I did my research. After looking into this country a little deeper I wanted to know more about it like; the general overview, a brief history, the geography, the political system, the economic system, and lastly the cultures and subcultures of Costa Rica. Once I was able to dig deeper I found out that Costa Rica is a very interesting

  • Costa Rica Intercultural Paper

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    Costa Rica is a progressive country with a government and people who place importance on social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainable developmental programs that benefit a global way of thinking. The culture fosters social peace. The judicial system is based on the Spanish civil code. The judicial review of legislative acts is entrusted to the Supreme Court Costa Rican’s are a heterogeneous population mix with the predominant cultural influence originating from Spain. Currently the

  • United Fruit in Costa Rica

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    United Fruit would get its start in Costa Rica, a small Central American country nestled between Nicaragua and Panama. The decision to attempt to modernize Costa Rica by General Tomás Guardia would prove to be a fateful one that forever altered the course of Central America. To understand the machinations of General Guardia, we must first look briefly at Costa Rica’s historical situation. As noted by innumerable books and articles on the subject, the term “Costa Rica” was something of a misnomer for