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    Cost Rica Costa Rica lies in the tropics and originated as a land of peaceful people and lush ecosystems. The Costa Rica of today is much different than a simple ideal tourist location. It is a country that ranks among the world’s highest in biodiversity. In addition, there is no separation between church and state. It is a country with a woman president and no army. The economy of Costa Rica is challenged on a daily basis and the education of its residents is recognizable. The purpose of this paper

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    My place of choice for Ecotourism is Costa Rica. Located on PROSPERO FERNANDEZ HWY. San Jose, 1000 Costa Rica. Costa Rica consist of nebulous cloud forests, ebony sand beaches, thick rain forests and rushing river rapids offer alfresco activities for active peregrinators and nature enthusiasts. A dazzling array of creatures, including monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, jaguars, sea turtles and poison dart frogs, live in Costa Rica’s with many national parks. Costa Rica is prominent for its proliferation

  • Ecotourism In Costa Rica

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    promotes the welfare of local people. Costa Rica is often viewed as the epicenter of ecotourism; in brief it has become the leading destination for ecotourism in Latin America (Horton, 2009). Although ecotourism has been an integral part of the Costa Rican economy over the past decades, there is a significant need to look into the neoliberal policies that drive the sector as there is research that illustrates the detriment it can cause a local community. Furthermore, Costa Rica’s ecotourism boom occurred

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    Costa Rica While researching the beautiful country of Costa Rica, I found many sources. These sources discussed every aspect of Costa Rica. For example, they explained the country’s historical background, common foods, clothing styles, geography, and government. This being said, I have organized this paper into five sections: overview, historical background, cultural aspects, geography and climate, and government. My goal in this paper is to show the many aspects of Costa Rica. The

  • Poverty In Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a small, democratic country, located in Central America. Nicaragua is to the north of Costa Rica and Panama to the south and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The country is very small, only about 32,000 square miles and is slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia (CIA, para. 2 2013). This beautiful country only covers about 0.03% of the earth’s surface, yet contains about 5% of the biodiversity in the world (Visit Costa

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    Compared to other Latin American countries, Costa Rica’s health care and education systems are held to high standards. Two healthcare systems exist in the country: the government-run universal healthcare system, and the private system. Both systems are continuously being upgraded, yet the costs are low when compared to those in the U.S. This is important for the sustainable, and economic development of Costa Rica. Additionally, over the past thirty years the country has invested a great deal of its

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    Studying abroad in Costa Rica would give me the opportunity to speak, write, think and dream in Spanish. I am pursuing a Spanish minor and believe that immersion is the best way to become fluent. While Spanish can be learned in many countries throughout the world, Costa Rica offers an environment with a dialect that is fairly easy to understand, which would offer me comfort when it comes to speaking and understanding the language. I am planning on minoring in Spanish not only because I enjoy the

  • My Vacation to Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a very beautiful and unique place. It was my first time going there and I loved it! It was much different than the United States in ways I didn’t mind or even enjoyed. We saw many things and went many places while we were down there. I am ready to go back again already and do new, exciting things. However, we did a lot while we were down there. Our first stop was San Jose. We arrived late at night, so after we checked into the Don Carlos and found our rooms, a group of us went to go

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    Costa Rica, which means “rich coast,” is one of the twenty-one Spanish speaking nations in the world. Christopher Columbus was the person to give Costa Rica its name because of the valuable metals he believed the country would possess. It is located in North America and is home to over four million people. Costa Rica is filled with wildlife, forests, volcanoes, and springs. There are many factors that helped form Costa Rica into the country it is today. Costa Rica’s history of gaining independence

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    to a country called Costa Rica. Now the reason I say Costa Rica is because it was a county I had no prior knowledge about, I did not even know where it was located until I did my research. After looking into this country a little deeper I wanted to know more about it like; the general overview, a brief history, the geography, the political system, the economic system, and lastly the cultures and subcultures of Costa Rica. Once I was able to dig deeper I found out that Costa Rica is a very interesting

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    Costa Rica Costa Rica has a culture and landscape, along with other intriguing aspects, that would make almost anyone want to visit there. I had always wanted to go out of the country, so my friend Doug and I decided that Costa Rica was the place to be. This Spanish speaking paradise lies between Mexico and South America. The entire country is practically surrounded by water with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Needless to say, there was a lot more in Costa

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    1. How did Costa Rica earn its independence? -Costa Rica earned its independence like the rest of Central america. They never fought for their independence from Spain. Costa Rica then becomes part of the Independent Mexican Empire. On September 15, 1821, after the final Spanish defeat in the Mexican War of Independence which lasted through 1810–1821. Soon the authorities in Guatemala declared the independence of all of Central America including Costa Rica. 2. How does Costa Rica’s government system

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    Costa Rica is a country in Central America that borders Panama and Nicaragua. The exact location of Costa Rica is 9.7489° N, 83.7534° W. The population of Costa Rica via 2018 is 4,153,199 people and there are 12 different ethnicities in the country of Costa Rica. Through the years Costa Rica’s death rate has been going down rapidly and the population is now growing due to the decrease in deaths and the amount of tourists a year moving to Costa Rica. The Capital of Costa Rica is San Jose which is

  • The Importance Of Individualism In Costa Rica

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    century the Spanish explored Costa Rica, tried to colonize but were unsuccessful because they faced several issues, such as swampy landforms, disease from mosquitos, extreme heat, rebellious natives and pirates. These problems did not stop the Spaniards, in 1563 the settlement of Cartago was established in the central highlands. Then, in 1838 Costa Rica gain independence from the Spaniards and in 1949 Costa Rica established its own armed forces. Most of the people in Costa Rica are white or mestizo, mestizo

  • The Political Culture of Costa Rica

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    I have chosen to discuss the political culture of Costa Rica. Briefly defined, a political culture is the grouping of beliefs and values internalised within the general population that underscores their political activity as well as their attitude toward the government. Hereby it is mentionable that two things which immensely impact on the political culture of a country are its political histories and the cultural development of the country. These two conjoined factors largely formulate the political

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    The Flag of Costa Rica So this is a flag of Costa Rica. As you can see, it has three solid colors and seal. The white stands for peace, the red for bloodshed for freedom, and the blue represents perseverance. It was originally designed by Pacifica Fernandez, the wife of former Costa Rican president Jose Maria Castro Madriz, in 1848. Geography Costa Rica is located and Central America. It lies between two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. It’s also at that south of Nicaragua

  • United Fruit in Costa Rica

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    United Fruit would get its start in Costa Rica, a small Central American country nestled between Nicaragua and Panama. The decision to attempt to modernize Costa Rica by General Tomás Guardia would prove to be a fateful one that forever altered the course of Central America. To understand the machinations of General Guardia, we must first look briefly at Costa Rica’s historical situation. As noted by innumerable books and articles on the subject, the term “Costa Rica” was something of a misnomer for

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    you are; when you visit Costa Rica, you will discover that there are always going to be plenty of things for you to do. Explore the many options for Rica Tours, and you may have a hard time deciding where to start or which ones to choose. In fact, you are going to find that the possibilities for Costa Rica Tours are endless. The country has a vast and beautiful nature which means there are great activities to be found there. First of all, you have to let your Costa Rica Tour take you to the beautiful

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    Costa Rica with kids? You bet! There’s no denying that Costa Rica is the best family-vacation destination in all of Central America. With a solid transport infrastructure, very good healthcare system and a deep-seeded love of children embedded in the local culture, Costa Rica is a brilliant choice for intrepid parents who dream of taking their kids on a wild - but very safe - adventure. And that’s just logistics! As far as attractions and activities are concerned, you’d be hard pressed to find a

  • Assess The Importance Of Biodiversity In Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a place where over 500,000 species call home. Within this large number you can find 4% of the total species across the world. Costa Rica is considered to be a part of the top 20 countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. I have found they are in the top 20 because of their position geographically. Costa Rica has two coasts as well as Mountains. This tropical zone that Costa Rica located in is called Neotropics, and it provides numerous climates, which are responsible for