Correlation Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Supported Weight Loss And Self Esteem

Correlation Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Supported Weight Loss And Self Esteem

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Correlation of cognitive behavioral therapy supported weight loss and self-esteem in adolescent females
Overweight and obesity are presenting as major issue world-wide. Recent studies show that 1.0 billion adults are overweight and almost 500 million are obese (World Health Organization 2013). According to Department of Health Policy, obesity rates have doubled in adults and tripled in children and adolescent in the last twenty years. This statistic offers a brief glimpse into an ugly future, where the today’s overweight children grow up to be the tomorrow’s obese adults.
Obesity comes accompanied by number of comorbidities. In addition to the physiological damage, it can have detrimental effects on human psyche. One particularly vulnerable group is adolescent females. Growing up with social media, reality shows, networking and constant pressure to fit in with the crowd can be detrimental for the fragile psyche of modern day girls (Brown and Bobkowsky2011). Weight and self-perceived body image are often premise for rejection, bullying, and could be associated with low self-esteem and depression. (Boutelle et al. 2010). Recent study conducted by group of scientists (Whetstone, Morrissey and Cummings 2007) found that 26% of females who perceive themselves as overweight or obese are thinking of suicide. This is a growing problem that needs immediate attention. But before we can provide possible solutions, there are several questions that need to be answered.
The relationship between depression, mood and weight-loss has been a topic of studies and research for many years. A positive correlation between weight and depression has been established already (Pagoto et al. 2008), but scientist need to focus on determining the reverse dire...

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...teach the next generation to recognize similar, potentially harmful behaviors and equip them with a powerful tool to exert control and cope in stressful situations. They will have science based information how to successfully protect themselves and others from the obesity epidemic and similar treats to their physical and emotional well-being.
If this research proposal is successfully implemented and is able to provide conclusive, scientifically sound answers to these questions, than medical professionals will be able to construct and implement an effective strategy to achieve long lasting weight-loss and prevent relapse by correcting the behavior leading to weight gain. This will reduce the obesity related health cost, will increase the productivity on the work place and improve the psychological well-being of more than 50 % of the nation and the world.

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