Dialectical Behavior Therapy Essay

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Dialectal Behavior Therapy for Psychological Disorders Psychology consists of countless different components that help describe various aspects of individuals both mentally and physically. Though Psychology is used for multiple different areas, one of the most common areas to observe in this field is behaviors. Behaviors range from person to person and can be altered by different situations and variables. The point when behaviors can become of interest is when an individual’s actions and behavior are extreme or they are inconsistent with the appropriate behavior in certain circumstances. These abnormal behaviors are often consistent and can be related to psychological disorders. Though some psychological disorders may be manageable to live…show more content…
The main goal of this type of treatment is finding what might be causing an individual stress and helping them cope with it. Learning how to cope with these stressors is important because they often lead individuals to have suicidal behaviors and other dysfunctional behaviors. This treatment can often be used for individuals with personality disorders, especially those with borderline personality disorders. Dialectical behavioral therapy focuses on personality disorder because many symptoms of personality disorders include unstable emotions. This treatment, however, has also been used to treat individuals with bulimia nervous and other binge-eating disorders. Lastly, the dialectical behavior therapy can be used for individuals in both their adolescent years and adult…show more content…
Some of the most common actions or responses for individuals with borderline personality disorder are suicidal. Incorporating the teaching of problem-solving skills will hopefully, again, reduce the number of suicidal thoughts or behaviors an individual has that could result in serious self-injury (Van Goethem, A., et al.). Lastly, arguably the most important component of the dialectical behavior therapy is allowing those who have undergone the treatment to test what they have learned. The final stage of this therapy involves having the patients visualize themselves in certain scenarios and creating a response to what they are envisioning. The most important part of this process is having patients trust their responses without utilizing the help and opinions of other individuals (Van Goethem, A., et al.). Though there are several different components that make up the dialectical behavioral therapy, they are each crucial to the treatment for individuals with, not only borderline personality disorder, but many other psychological disorders as well. Some of the effects of how this treatment has worked can be observed in a couple of different
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