The Connection Between Leadership And Communication Essay

The Connection Between Leadership And Communication Essay

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Leadership and Communication
The connection between Leadership and Communication is undeniable, and an important subject to understand. I will be writing about four well known and researched strategies that emphasize the connection between Leadership and Communication. You need to be able to build relationships, compromise, collaborate and be a straight forward talker. These strategies will help you and your co-workers work efficiently.
Relationships are the building blocks for all companies. Whether you want to organize a football game or have a promotion ceremony, you will need to maintain good relationships. The relationships we have with our co-workers are the means for achieving our goals. People don 't work well in isolation in most cases, working together is more productive! Everyone working together is the foundation of an organized effort to get the job done. We need more people to contribute their ideas, and keep working above the standard. Being connected with people you work well with can increase morale. Leaders are supposed to care about their coworkers and the work itself. It is the caring for others that motivates people to work as hard as they do. Often the thoughts of health and happiness of our children, family, and coworkers that we have in our minds help push to overcome obstacles and take on challenges that can feel daunting.
When should a Leader compromise? Well when parties enter into negotiation they seek the best for themselves. This is to be expected but this alters their view of the needs of the other side. When negotiations come into a discussion it is prudent to consider alternate viewpoints. The best way to do this is to consider what both sides want. Ultimately both sides want to improve the work ...

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... than a business strategy aimed at optimizing an organization’s experience and expertise. Collaboration is, first and foremost, a change in attitude and behavior of employees throughout an organization. Successful collaboration begins from the ground up.
In conclusion, it is best to remember to practice these skills before full out using them. Just as with anything else, mastery is a matter of hours of practice. Read books on Leadership and Strategy, such as Sun Tzu’s Art of War for a better understanding of leadership and general strategy that you can apply to your Leadership style. Remember, keeping your team happy, will keep you happy, and your superiors happy. These skills could very well make the difference in the cohesiveness of your co-workers and their morale. I think the most important skill of all however, is to be open-minded and try new ideas.

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