Essay on Computer Input Devices

Essay on Computer Input Devices

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I do not know much what an input device is even I have been using computer for many years. I thought that an input device is just a component inside the computer. I also did not know the role of input device play. I am among those people who do not care much about the component inside the computer. Now as I reflect, seems like I have ignored the importance of an input device.
What is input?
Input is really important for the computer. Through this device, users are allows to enter data or instructions into a computer. It changed something on the screen through the response. There are many kinds of input device for users to select depending on their application to get the result they want. There are many input technologies, for example, keyboard, pointing device, trackball, touch screen, touchpads and audio input. These devices can help users to connect with computer system directly.
Keyboard is a one important input device. It is rectangular size. It also contains many keys including numeric keypad, letter of alphabet, punctuation marks and others. Without using this input device, user cannot type text and number into a computer easily. This is only for general keyboard. There are also many kind of keyboard for their function. Gaming keyboard is special design for the person who likes to play games or game maker. The gaming keyboard has its own special programmable keys. Nowadays, world is being more advanced. They also design ergonomic keyboard. This design is special for the employees who always sitting in front of the computer. This design can prevent muscle pain which can lead to long-term disability. It is really comfortable. In addition, keyboard also can be found in laptop. It is different from the d...

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...of input device. As I read and reflect on the vast and varieties of input devices, I now realised its importance of mankind as it brings enormous advantages to us. As a conclusion, input device is a part of computer hardware. It allows users to enter and give instruction to be able in process into the computer system. An input device has improved so much with time. It is substantial to say that people of this generation cannot live without those input device. Input device have not only made our life easier but it also helps in easing our financial and time. For example, the innovation of recent popular application, Wechat. This application is designed for those who are illiterate. People can just touch the ‘hold to talk’ button and says the word out. Then, release the button, the device will record down your voice and sent it out. This will be much easier for them.

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