The Complexities of Prosecuting Cyber Crime Essay examples

The Complexities of Prosecuting Cyber Crime Essay examples

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Cyber crime and traditional crime have similar identifiable traits when criminal activity is the outcome. The goal of any criminal is to cause harm, threat steal, extortion, to name a few with intent to harm the public good. Local and state law prosecutes traditional crimes through the state attorney. The prosecutor represents the people(entity) of the state. The defendant or the entity charged must prove to the state, by reasonable doubt, their innocent’s of the charges. Individuals that are charged with a crime have the option of hearing their case in front of a judge or a jury. The prosecution can also offer the defendant a plea bargain deal. These deals usually lessen the punishment while also rendering a guilty verdict for the state.
The method and avenues to prosecute cyber crimes can become complex. The cyber criminal uses the digital highway to commit criminal activity. According to (Finklea & Theohary, 2012) Symantec Corporation, defines cybercrime as "any crime that is committed using a computer or network, or hardware device. Cyber crime is an estimated 110 billion dollar liability, globally each year. Though Federal law enforces cybercrime on the jurisdiction the crime was committed. This is quite difficult if the criminal is around the world in a country the United States has no binding policy or laws to bring the culprits to justice. In addition, the prosecutor (local, state, & federal) is not knowledgeable in the technical aspects on how to prosecute a cyber criminal case. So the government must hire experts in the field of cyber crime to assist in prosecuting cyber criminals.
Even with lawyers and experts hire by the federal government to help prosecute cyber criminals. The laws current...

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...ndling cyber crime cases. The easier it will be to bring individuals to prosecution. The best component. I believe from reading the text and articles the best option at this time is to mitigate these types of threats through practicing better security management.

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