Characteristics Of Cyber Crime

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Objective The main aim and objective of this study includes but not limited to as follows • To know basic about Cyber Crime and its characteristics; • To know basic about the challenges and facet of Cyber Crime; • To learn basic about the issues related to Cyber Crime briefly; • To know basic about the Cyber Crime related act in the Indian context. Cyber Crime Cyber law is actually nothing but the legal and other electronic crime. In other sense, cyber law is actually legal aspect that deal with cyber related matter. Practically cyber is an important name in the field of computer science, legal studies, business and commercial studies [08, 09]. Cyber law and crime is a kind of interdisciplinary subject incorporated with IT, Computing, and legal…show more content…
E-Crime is one important type of Cyber Crime which includes mobile crime, television crime, video crime, and so on; 2. Internet Crime is another important type of crime in which fake dealings basically happens; 3. Computer crime is another which includes manipulation and changes in computer data; both as offline and offline way. Cyber Crime: Some examples Following may be treated as Cyber Crime, Electronic Crime; directly and indirectly- • Tampering and changes of document, content and database of the computer, laptop, mobile and so on. Fig: 2-Depicted some examples of Electronic Crime • Hacking computer or computer system or computer information and telecommunication networks and so on. • Sending or store offensive information or message or content or even audio, video material may fall under the category of Cyber Crime. • Cheating by personalization by using computer resources and similar…show more content…
• Changes and replacement in document or content without prior permission or acknowledgement [15]. • Many time, we see in the television advertisement of selling something or identification of the person and sending SMS or like that, such type of dealing maybe fall under the category of Cyber Crime or Electronic Crime. • Spreading virus or malware or similar object to the computer or in whole computer and information networks. • Use of false information on the website or total fake website is another Cyber Crime and which shows about any person, organization or nation. In many cases, we can see such examples like- in Ministry, University or Railway as far as India is concerned. • Uploading and spreading controversial information message and details to another person. • Hacking password of another computer or information system or changes of content in email, social networking site such as Facebook and orkut, twitter and so on. • Creating email account or social networking site for another name without acknowledgement is also fall under the category of Cyber Crime. • Hacking website and changes web IP address or linkages with other website is also a kind of Cyber Crime [16,

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