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Comparison Between Islam And Islam Essay

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Compare and Contrast Nation of Islam with real Islam
The Islamic religion is referred to as the original faith. Their holy text is the Koran and the followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims. They worship God and the prophet Muhammad. However, in the early 1900s, a new religion, the Nation of Islam began. The Nation of Islam consists of people who also call themselves Muslims, but have a more radical approach to their faith. Though both believers of the Nation and Islam are called Muslims, their idea of Islam is very different. Those who believe in the Nation of Islam believe that they are a lost tribe of Israel. They believe that Black people, especially the few in the nation, will one day rule the world. In contrast, the goal of the regular Islam faith is to simply submit to the will of God. These two religions both have many similarities and differences but it is clear that the Nation of Islam is more dividing.
There are fewer similarities than differences that compare the Nation of Islam to the Muslim faith. Most importantly, both religions have the foundation that there is only one God, whom they call Allah, which means God in Arabic. Both religions believe that they are superior people for believing in their religion. With Islam being the first faith, all other religions are wrong according to them. They view Jews and Christians as being “people of the book” with a proper knowledge of God, but it is incomplete. With Islam being a missionary religion, they urge everyone to convert. While, the Nation of Islam followers also believe that they are superior, it is due to race. To them, Black people are seen as angels while white people are seen as devils. They believe that every great person in history was Black and th...

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...ay that these two religions see others is quite different. The Nation members see the world as Blacks being pure and angelic, while Whites are devilish. However, the Islam faith believes that ALL humans are beautiful and created in God’s image. The most significant difference between the two is their worldview problem and solution. The Nation of Islam believers trust that their problem is with the existence of White people. Their goal is to create a separate nation in America just for Black nation members. Mixing with White people is what they believe to be the problem for America. However, in Islam they believe that the problem is refusing to submit to the will of God. This can only be solved by conversion and salvation. Islam is a religion for everyone, not just Blacks. While The Nation wants to separate by race, Islam wants to come together by everyone converting.

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