Similarties and Differences of Islam and Christianity

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Many religions have impacted the thoughts and beliefs of millions around the world. Two of these religions are Islam and Christianity, both of which are similar, yet, incredibly different. Christianity, which had come long before Islam, is known to be the root of Islam which makes sense since the two religions share much in common. They are both Abrahamic and monotheistic religions which means they share the belief in only one true existing God and are rooted to have many similarities. Their differences, however, are what make them two distinctive religions, which is why they are recognized and classified for being so. Similarities and differences arise in many topics and situations, but differences take over and divide them into dissimilarities. These topics include religious belief, teachings, rituals and practices. More specifically, what I mean to say is prophecy, holy texts, the afterlife, the purpose of the messengers, the angels, and the human creation and much more. Islam and Christianity both teach ways of life to their believers in order to be successful in life and after death, since these religions believe in a linear pattern where the time on Earth is temporary. This is unlike the older, more circularly patterned religions of Hinduism and Buddhism which believe in reincarnation until moksha or enlightenment is ultimately achieved. Islam and Christianity are evangelizing religions which believe that without the true guidance of God and his holy words, humans are only on the path of sin and nothing greater. One of the goals of both is to spread the words of God and bring the entire human creation on the right path to heaven. Proofs of this belief have been seen in history when the British Empire’s goal was to take over ...

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...ted sins, he or she will be cleansed of them, and only then will they be enter heaven. This is one of the very few beliefs between Islam and Christianity which might not be so different. Most of the time, even the similarities contain differences.
In conclusion, a comparison can be made between any two or more religions. With Islam and Christianity, however, it is possible to make a comparison that can illustrate similarities and differences in many different ways. For example, even in some of the similar practices, there might be differences. Even in those differences, though, similarities such as the purpose and belief behind them may still remain. Sometimes it remains to be either similar or different. This situation does not occur between many religions and the reason why it occurs between Islam and Christianity is because of the Abrahamic roots they both share.
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