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Community Care Access Centre ( Ccac ) Essay

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Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is a provincially mandated and federally funded organization in Ontario designed to provide and support health care services for local communities collaborating with Healthcare service providers and Long Term Care Homes. In this essay, I will discuss and evaluate one of the fourteen CCAC 's organizational structures – Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant, and Burlington (HNHB). All 14 CCAC 's work towards the same goal, however, their structures vary slightly depending on their location and community needs.
All CCAC activity is governed by legislative and regulatory policies and guidelines. These policies are funded and delivered by the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) who "plan, integrate and fund local health care, improving access and patient experience." ("Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)," 2014). After the LHIN all 14 CCAC 's are supported by the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC). The OACCAC provides support via provincial policies, procedures, and technology. ("OACCAC What We Do," 2013)
As a whole, the company is under re-organization through a provincial government patient first initiative. Under the current design, the CCAC is a Modular organization, relying on outsourced service providers to provide health care within patient 's homes. As a whole, the organization is decentralized working in smaller subdivided centralized hubs. HNHB is one of those centralized and standardized subdivisions.
The organization has a line of authority with a CEO, supported by a CFO, multiple Vice presidents, Senior Directors and Regional Directors who then delegate (delegation of authority) patient-specific roles to Patient Care Managers (Department Mana...

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...s would also provide a positive financial impact to provide additional medical care to patients. However due to the large service area and multidimensional services CCAC provides, it is constantly under change to modify and optimize it 's structure and processes to continue providing "Outstanding care – Every Person, Every Day".
The CEO is a liaison between the LHIN and Government representatives, enforcing the policies which are officially requested. The VP 's of the organization are divided into various departments to implement the policies and procedures and funding the CEO has divided into each area. Each VP has Senior Directors or regional directors who manage smaller segments of the organization. Patient Services Managers (Department managers) report to the Directors. Care Coordinators and Client Services Assistants then report to the Patient Services Managers.

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