Communists And Forced The Civil Liberties, Such As Free Speech Essay

Communists And Forced The Civil Liberties, Such As Free Speech Essay

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Communists and persuaded Hindenburg to suspend civil liberties, such as free speech. Things worsened when Hindenburg died in August 1934 and Hitler was named Fuhrer, the supreme commander. The Nazis worked quickly to gain more support by raising German patriotism and feelings of nationalism among the German people. Nazi propaganda displayed Hitler as a figure of “true Germanic virtues,” a true German hero. The Nazis also began rebuilding the German army, with world conquest in mind. Defying the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler invaded and conquered Austria in 1938, followed by Czechoslovakia. Hoping to avoid war, Great Britain and France didn’t intervene. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, however, war was declared.
While in power, the Nazis began a systematic persecution of the Jewish people living in Germany and other countries under German power. Jews were herded into concentration camps, where millions were shot, gassed, or worked or starved to death. When Germany was defeated in April 1945, roughly six million Jews had been murdered, along with other groups considered by the Nazis as “inferior” to the German people, despite the fact that many were in fact German (Brown). According to one source, after World War II, Germany banned the Nazi Party. Despite this, parties sharing Nazi or neo-Nazi ideologies have formed in many other countries (Nazism).
Ethnic nationalism was a powerful ideology in Germany during the Nazi reign. The belief that the “pure” German people, or the Aryan race, was the “master race” led to the mass “ethnic cleansing” known as the Holocaust.
As harmful as ethnic nationalism can be, nationalism can be a force for good. Civic nationalism, as opposed to ethnic nationalism, successfully unites people not by r...

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...a melting pot much like the United States, many nations are divided by differences in ethnicity. Ultimately, this leads to a more separated world in which everyone is out for his or her own interests. In the case of a nationalist, that interest is his or her country or ethnic group, rather than the interests of the world as a whole.
Nationalism is harmful because it encourages simplistic thinking, feeds narcissism and egocentrism, breeds prejudice and hate, and ultimately leads to separation rather than unification. Although it is important for people to embrace others with similar ideas and beliefs as themselves, it is more important for people to be respectful of others with different ideas and beliefs. In a world entirely composed of differing races, religions, cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities, acceptance of differences is the only way to true unification.

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