Essay about Communication Is The Cornerstone Of Society

Essay about Communication Is The Cornerstone Of Society

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Communication is the cornerstone of society and the fact that men and women communicate differently is not a new phenomenon. This is an age old wonder that has roots in childhood, the academic community and the scientific community. One of the most groundbreaking and insightful essays about the differences in between the way men and women communicate is Deborah Tannen’s article “Sex, Lies, and Conversation” (Patterns 423). Tannen focuses on communication between the sexes and how it differs between males and females and why it is a leading cause of marital problems. Tannen approaches communication issues between women and men from an academic perspective. The scientific community is very interested in these differences as well. There is significant research that demonstrates that the brains of men and women are “wired up” differently which could explain some of the differences in male and female behavior (Connor). Even though communication is learned when boys and girls are young, men and women do communicate differently, not only from personal commentaries but from numerous scientific experiments and copious academic works based on the subject of this difference.
The real issue is how couples develop long-term healthy relationships based on successful communication given the obvious differences between men and women yet this language is first learned as a young child. Children learn at an early age how to communicate with their peers. In general, starting age three years old is when children begin to socially interact with other children. Until this age of three, children are aware of other children but engage in what is known as parallel play. In several ways, men use parallel play throughout adulthood by not facing who they are...

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...ience and academia strive to find out why men and women are so different achieving successful communication between the sexes is a problem but not a mystery. According to Tannen’s past and current research, one of the main marital problems women complain about is the lack of communication with their significant other (Tannen 424). Women have meaningful conversations with other women who offer support, validation and unity. Whereas women need support from many, most men want to solely feel that support from their spouse or significant other. Ironically, by approaching the same subject from different methods couples are often striving to achieve the same thing. If more couples recognize that this duality exists sustainable healthy relationships based on successful communication can be accomplished if men and women work together through acknowledging their differences.

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