Communication Is An Essential Tool Essay

Communication Is An Essential Tool Essay

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Communication is an essential tool used in most people’s daily lives. Humans are social creatures who need to reach out to others at home, work, church or school. Technological advancements in the twenty-first century changed the means of communication especially within the last few years. In the past, communication was either face to face, phone, or written letters. Nowadays, many use email, social media websites or instant messaging to socialize with others. The methods used to communicate in someone’s personal life are also useful in a business setting. Effective communication both written and verbal is the key to organizational success especially in a global market. Leaders and managers are charged with leading a company in solving problems, meeting strategic objectives and stakeholders expectations. In today’s complex and information rich society, business leaders must understand and properly apply management communication principles to achieve organizational excellence.
Communication is the key to business excellence. This concept is not new. According to Zalabak-Shockley (2012), “As early as 1938, Chester Barnard, in his now-famous work The Functions of the Executive, described as a primary responsibility of executives the development and maintenance of a system of communication” (p. 4). In other words, management effectiveness is linked to managerial communication. Leaders are charged with motivating, influencing, coaching and mentoring their subordinates. They are also responsible for focusing groups and teams to set and achieve goals. This is done through different modes of communication. Frequently used methods include official memorandums, emails, internal reports, newsletters, meetings, feedback session...

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...ludes lack of motivation, stress, and suffering job performance. The impacts on a business include declining productivity, higher medical costs, excessive turnover rate and a hostile work environment (Leigh, Robyn, Madelyn & Jenni, 2014). Leaders must be proactive in combating dysfunctional conflict by creating official policy on workplace bullying, educating employees on how to identify and deal with bullies, and by taking swift action to remove or terminate a bully. There are four steps in conflict resolution. They are identify parties involved, pinpoint the issues, establish the position of both sides, find a brokering zone and finally, make a decision. The ideal solution is win-win but it may end up win-lose or lose-lose options (Baack, 2012). In the end, open and honest communication through conflict resolution will build trust between a leader and a team.

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