Communication, Active, And Passive Communication Essay

Communication, Active, And Passive Communication Essay

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There are a variety of ways to communicate with people and often times the type of communication chosen depends on the information being communicated and the personalities of the people involved in the communication. There are two classifications for communication, active and passive. Active communication consists of lining up schedules and attendance so people can be present. Passive communication allows people to access and respond to the communication on their own schedule. We will focus on three popular forms of communication including webinars, face to face meetings and email as means of communication.
Webinars are defined as, “a seminar or other presentation that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls” ( Webinars are an active form of communication, as they require the audience to attend the webinar and allow for active participation. They are great at bringing people together from different locations to present information cheaply. Webinars can be turned into webcasts, which are a passive form of communication in that invitees can view the prerecorded information at any time, but cannot actively participate with the presenter or other invitees.
Some disadvantages to webinars are they need to scheduled and require attendees to access the webinar at the same time. This would mean that some attendees might not be able to attend at the scheduled time. Webinars can require a certain degree of technology to be used by attendees such as a computer with speaker, a microphone, a monitor and certain software installed on the computer. While new computers usually have enough technology pre installed to meet these...

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...stood the email or even gotten the email at all. The presenter must follow up on emails sent to make sure they have effectively reached the intended audience. Personally I try to include a question in important emails for the reader to answer back to me, this way I know the email has reached them and opens up a place for further discussion.
There are various advantages and disadvantages to different forms of communication. Often times the project manager will chose forms of communication that compliment their management style and the information that will need to be conveyed. Choosing to email a chart rather then just presenting it at a face-to-face meeting. Time and schedule constraints also shape a mangers chosen communication plan. Three popular forms of communication that will appear in most communication plans include webinars, face-to-face meetings and email.

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