What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of External Hire

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In the every changing business of today, businesses sometimes look outside their business to hire management. There are a number advantages and disadvantages in hiring external hires. One advantage is they can provide an outside view and information the company will not normally have had if they had hired an internal applicant. A disadvantage of hiring external candidate is the person might need to be trained how things are done in the business. One of the biggest disadvantages is creating resentment from the current employees. I experienced the same kind of situation when I was an external hire for Walmart management. A number of the employees apply numerous times to the management program without receiving the promotion and a number…show more content…
Fred Luthans writes, “The behaviors that occur in an organization are vital to the communication process.” (Luthans, 2011, pg. 249) She will need to be able to communicate effectively with her employees. She will need to follow-up with her employees to make sure they understand what she said. She will want to have an open communication channel with her employees. Additionally, Jill can create an open door relationship with her employees where her employees can come to her with their problems and she will do her best to help them solve their problems. Jill will want to give feedback to her employees and ask for feedback from her employees. When I first started in management, I informed my employees I was always there to talk to them. If they came to with a question that I did not know the answer, I would make a point to find the answer and get back with them in a reasonable amount of time. Jill would benefit from having an interactive communication with her employees. Interactive communication will give the employees the chance to have a say and can help build a stronger relationship between Jill and her employees. The interactive communication would generate varying ideas that Jill might not have thought of to use. Interactive communication can be used to “task coordinate, problem solve, information sharing, and conflict resolution”. (Luthans, 2011, pg. 258) This type of communication is an active process that causes the people in the group to be active in the on-going conversation with each other and discuss things with one

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