The Common Causes Of Childhood Insomnia Essay

The Common Causes Of Childhood Insomnia Essay

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The difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep has several characteristics during development and can affect healthy children as a response to various diseases, which will be embroidered in the following topics.
The complaint of insomnia or refusal to initiate sleep is usually brought dramatically by parents who always give greater emphasis to the worst night, and not to the routine of the night. It is essential to establish the diagnosis as is the routine of the child within 24 hours, including all parents of activities and interventions or, if applicable, the nanny. Pediatricians should be careful not to overestimate the complaint of the parents, as this often results in unnecessary exams and medications (Neurol Clin. 1996. p. 493-511).
The most common causes of childhood insomnia is mentioned in Table 1, in order of occurrence according to each age group (Blum NJ, Carey WB. 1996. p. 89-93; Ferber R. 1995. p. 179-189)
Medical problems: often cause insomnia acutely, but time-limited to the duration of the disease. Among the physical problems, there are the respiratory diseases, fever, ear infections, trauma, early teething, milk allergy, gastro esophageal reflux disease, among others.
Fear and anxiety: in infants from 10 months, there may be separation anxiety; the infant may have varying degrees of stress after separation from their mothers, causing difficulty in falling asleep. In children between 2-3 years is more common fear. Fear of being alone can be associated with movies or stories, the fact witness fights between parents, or any other frightening event, or less frequently, a psychosocial deterioration problem of the child. In adolescents and pre-adolescents, depression and anxiety are frequent causes of insomnia (Ferber ...

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...not interacting with the child and leave, taking at least another 20 minutes to return to the room. The scheduled awakening is to agree on the child prior to its spontaneous awakening, and check if it is well, leaving her sleeping spontaneously again.
Drug treatment of childhood insomnia is quite restricted. It should always be used in combination with any of the behavioral techniques. The drugs of choice are antihistamines and, in more severe cases, it is possible to use 10% chloral hydrate at a dose of 0.4-0.5 ml / kg. The use of medications in childhood insomnia should always take place on a temporary basis, as an adjuvant, the first three weeks of treatment (Ferber R. 1995. p.79-89). In a recent study, melatonin at a dose of 5 mg / day was effective in reducing symptoms of insomnia in children aged between six and twelve (Wigs L. Ramchandani P. 2000. p. 209-213).

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