Essay on College Student 's Academic Achievement

Essay on College Student 's Academic Achievement

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Statistics show that an average of 27% of full-time college students who attend a 4-year university actually graduate on time. This information was derived from a study completed on the website, Complete College, where an aggregate of states joined together to make visible the declining rate of on-time graduations for different levels of post-high school education. Students not taking charge of their educational life can derail their progress and cause this delay in graduation. Some college students also stay away from school clubs and other organizations to reduce the workload on their hands and make their educational journey easier. This in turn, causes students to lack essential skills that can influence their ability to perform well in their future careers. College students should pay more attention to their current academic performance and social involvement because, their ability to succeed in life and their future careers rely on it.
A college student’s academic achievement can impact their ability to obtain career employment while in school. Susan Adams, a writer for the online website Forbes, wrote an article titled, “Do Employers Really Care About Your College Grades?” In the article, she interviewed many different employment recruiters who stated that a student’s G.P.A was one of the limited available factors before a job interview that could help them judge the student’s ability to perform. Many students do not think that a small slip in academic grades may affect them, but from a cumulative perspective, each grade can make a big impact on their average G.P.A. In most circumstances, a student’s good grades often correlate with their attendance record.
In college, students are usually not graded on their attendance, b...

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...n successfully interact with others and they fulfilled the requirements that their educator provided them with.
Generation after generation, students continue to distract themselves from the ever-important resources and information that can help them pave their way to success. Resources are always available at colleges that can help a student gather information and clearly point out what is required of newly minted college graduates to enable them to be effective in the workforce. Everything from a student’s G.P.A, to the social interaction and their effective group cooperation will be taken into account when these students venture out into their chosen careers. Along with ensuring that new skills are learned with each additional year that a student spends in college, the opportunity cost of an additional year is a year of lost wages, plus the cost of their tuition.

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