Coffee, Culture And Conversation Essay

Coffee, Culture And Conversation Essay

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Coffee, Culture and Conversation
The masked men who threw all of our tea in the Boston Harbor are responsible for making coffee so popular in America. The shortage of tea encouraged Americans to find another beverage. In doing so, coffee became a sign of freedom (Zuraw 2013). Coffee houses became popular when Americans were no longer boiling coffee in their own homes. They preferred to gather in shops where coffee was roasted. Today you can sniff the Starbucks’ aroma at every corner. This roasted potion is a stimulant to conversation that connects us to real flesh, instead of cold metal gadgets. Coffee houses are a fashionable popular culture, not solely for their flavorful beverages, but because of the melodic ambiance, the forecast of fresh ideas, and the satisfaction of socializing with others.
The early coffee houses became the central forum for discussing, debating and socializing. Here businessmen discussed the new railroads and property rights. Darwin’s “Origin of the Species’ was heavily debated. There was a lot of dialogue about Tom Edison’s light bulb. Authors, such as, Ernest Hemingway found the background noise to be the perfect stimulus for his work (Sage 2003). It wasn’t unusual to see a farmer and a shop keeper socializing together. It was a place where men of all social classes could speak and be heard.
This mixture of people relied on word of mouth to stay informed of politics and other happenings. Letters from other countries were read aloud in these shops. Newspaper clippings were nailed to beams supporting these establishments. The patrons would gather around the beams to read the articles (Barksdale 2013). This spiked discussion and hot debates between them. The serious discussions bond...

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...rooper. He talked about his exhilarating experience when he first jumped out of a plane. I am not planning to jump anytime soon, but I do read his posts on Facebook.
I decided to do some of this homework assignment at Starbucks, so I could study the environment. Here students are chatting about the iPhone 6 and postings on Facebook. Two hundred years ago, they were chatting about Alexander’s Bell’s phone and six month old news posted on café walls. These harmonic culture establishments collect a community of minds that gather to exchange energetic conversations and novel beliefs. Surprisingly, the first coffee shops in America were banned for being immoral. Luckily, the Pope worshiped coffee, christened it and coffee establishments flourished (Sage 2003). To envision America without coffee houses is to perceive a much deprived popular culture.

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