Analysis Of Gossip About Jenny Ash

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Introduction Conversation Analysis (CA) is the study of talk-within-interaction that attempts to describe the orderliness, structure and sequential patterns of interaction in conversation. It is a method of qualitative analysis developed by Harvey Sacks with the aid of Emmanuel Schegloff and Gail Jefferson in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Using the CA frame of mind to view stories shows us that what we may think to be simplistic relaying of information or entertaining our friends is in fact a highly organised social phenomena that is finely tuned in a way that expresses the teller’s motivation behind the talk. (Hutchby & Wooffitt, 2011). It is suggested that CA relies on three main assumptions; talk is a form of social action, action is structurally organised, talk creates and maintains inter-subjectivity (Atkinson & Heritage, 1984). Gossip can be a form of either informal or conversational talk that is not usually planned but happens spontaneously in conversation (Tholander, 2003). Gossip is a distinct and unusual form of storytelling as it involves a non-present third person. In order for a story to be considered as gossip it must handle a past event of which the absent third party was involved in. It often occurs within friendships, …show more content…

Conversation Analysis was the most appropriate to use to analyse this data as the conversation was naturalistic and not manipulated or set up by a researcher. The conversation in question was transcribed using the Jeffersonian style of transcription (Jefferson, 2004) and the transcript was then read, with the conversation features that were significant to gossip and storytelling being singled out. We can then use this data to establish themes in the conversation and answer our research question ‘what is the purpose of gossip in this student

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