Coca Cola Management And Ethical Issues Essay

Coca Cola Management And Ethical Issues Essay

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By defining “real stakeholders” as those who have a legitimate claim and firm has responsibility towards them and the influence and power are reciprocal (Fassin 2009), the following groups are real stakeholders for whom Coca-Cola HBC is responsible in terms of both management and ethical issues.
- Employees
Coca-Cola HBC has 36,362 employees among those 87% are highly engaged based on the latest statistics recorded on their website (Coca-Cola HBC 2016). The company has developed new set of corporate values two of which specifically designed to address the concerns observed during their latest employee survey including, work-life balance and providing more opportunities regarding “employee input into the business”. The company has tried to engage its employees in the sustainability processes through a number of events in 2011 including Live Positively Week, EU sustainable Energy, and Group-wide Health and Safety Week (Coca-Cola HBC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011).
- Suppliers
Coca-Cola HBC works closely with its suppliers to manage the environmental impacts of the business such as, water usage in agricultural supply chain plus energy and carbon management of the packaging sectors (Coca-Cola HBC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011). The company also tries to engage the stakeholder in the sustainable development through activities like, sustainable sourcing; packaging associations; workshops on sustainable supply; Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles and so on (Coca-Cola HBC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011).
- Investors
Coca-Cola HBC has a close relationship with its investors as an important stakeholder to discuss different strategies on water stewardship and anti corruption. Annual assessm...

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...s the stake of workers and employers and the latter is responsible to guard the stake of the community and the environment (Fassin 2009).
- Competitors is another missing name. As it is discussed by Fassin (2009) in some of the variations of the model like the one presented by Post et al. (2002) competitors have been eliminated, but since competitors can influence the firm it is reasonable to group them with suppliers under a group named ‘business’.
We would like to highlight here that due to the important role of stakeholders in a firm’s sustainability (Fraser et al. 2006), the Coca-Cola HBC needs to engage all the possible stakeholders in its corporate social responsibility plans and explain its relationship with those stakeholders missing in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2011), such as media, activists, and its competitors in a more transparent way.

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