Essay about Clean Car Care: Making a Job Offer

Essay about Clean Car Care: Making a Job Offer

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Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller (2012) describe a job offer as an attempt to persuade a creation of an employment relationship on the part of an organization. In the case of Clean Car Care (3Cs), Arlan Autospritz is experiencing a challenging decision. He is, for the first time, attempting to execute an external hire in a management position within the organization. He has narrowed down the search to two candidates, each attractive in their own distinct ways. In extending a job offer, Arlan has several tactics he can consider, various incentives beyond base salary, and terms he can include in trying to entice the best candidate.
Type of Offer: Best-Shot, Competitive, or Lowball
Arlan has two well-qualified candidates to choice from. His first choice Jane Roberts, has an ideal amount of supervisory experience, but is weaker in customer service and is opposed to working on Saturday and Sundays, a necessity for Arlan’s managers. Jane is also closer in salary and benefits to Arlan’s current managers. The second choice, Betts Cook, is superior in customer service skills and more agreeable to work the weekends, but Arlan has reservations over her lack of supervisory experience. Betts is also closer to the top of Arlan’s salary range for managers and has better benefits than he offers. Arlan must take into consideration the costs to the employee in accepting an offer with 3Cs (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeryer-Mueller, 2012). Arlan needs to determine the extent he is willing to negotiate, what components of compensation he will use in negotiating, and the job offer tactic he plans to use in extending an offer to his top candidate.
Arlan is faced with a tough position. While it might be attractive to extend a l...

... middle of paper ...

...ation to Jane. In providing a fair and competitive offer, Arlan increases his chances at creating a positive hiring experience and setting a favorable tone for the work relationship.

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