The Civil War Was A Part Of The Country 's Domestic Policy Essay

The Civil War Was A Part Of The Country 's Domestic Policy Essay

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The Civil War was one of the major wars that the United States have ever participated in and it brought loss and devastation into the country. One of the leading causes of the Civil War was the fact that the North and South could not agree on how to build the economy, what to invest in, and whether slavery should have been a part of the country’s domestic policy or not. Racism has played a significant role in the history of the South and shaped its image for the whole United States and the world. This paper explores the reasons why the issue of race was a key factor that determined the destiny of the entire country and explains the consequences that the United States had to face during and after the Civil War.
The North and the South could not agree on the key issues; while the former wanted the change to come into the country and promoted democracy and innovations, the South voted for keeping everything the way it was. Because of its conservatism, the South refused to recognize the fact that the government of the United States could no longer be standing on slavery. However, for the South, it was very hard to except the idea of the abolishment of slavery, since its economy entirely depended on slaves’ labor. The labor was almost free, excluding the expenses for food and shelter that did not require a lot of investment. In the southern society, owning slaves meant a rapid growth of one’s social and economic level. This increase, however, only concerned the white male population of the South. Unfortunately, women were also subject to the conservatism of the South.
People of the South were planning to expand slavery across the United States, and the Northerners were doing whatever they could to oppose the senseless idea. The North...

... middle of paper ... 15% between 1810 and 1860 (McPherson). The South preferred investing in slaves instead of the modern equipment that the North started to buy from other countries. Racism was ultimately the reason why the United States could not cooperate and act respectfully to each other.
This paper proved that racism was a key factor determined the destiny of the United States before, during and after the Civil War. The Southern states claimed that they wanted to stick with conservatism, while they actually feared of the possible outcomes of slavery abolishment. They excused and justified the absence of tolerance towards another race by saying that the economy would have collapsed if slavery was abolished. Fortunately, the South did not achieve its goals, and even though the country still suffers from racism, it gradually moves forwards tolerance and respect.

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