The Cia And Kgb During The Cold War Essays

The Cia And Kgb During The Cold War Essays

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The CIA and KGB during the Cold War
The Cold War would can be described as a state of political and military tension between the western power of the United States and its NATO allies and the eastern European power of the Soviet Union and its allies in the Warsaw Pact. This conflict would arise immediately following World War II and last through the late twentieth century. In a war of political debates, negotiation, and high tension, espionage would play a crucial role for both western NATO and eastern Warsaw Pact members. At the core of these covert operations or spy rings in the west would be the American Central Intelligence Agency and for the eastern powers the Komitet Gosudarstevennoi Bezopasnosti (English: State Security Committee), or the Russian KGB. Both of these organizations would all play a crucial role throughout the Cold War in many instances, both helping to provoke a full scale nuclear conflict, as well as often helping combat the threat of nuclear warfare. When studying these government established groups it is important to learn their origins and purposes, their accomplishments throughout this conflict, their level of experience in terms of espionage at the start of the Cold War, and their methods of espionage implemented in a war often fought covertly in the shadows. By understanding these aspects of each of these groups, one can gain insight into how successful and unsuccessful they were during the Cold War. Although these groups would have many accomplishments during the Cold War, they would also have many failures. Often accomplishing the goals set by these organizations would not come as an easy task and would often involve much deception and sacrificing. In a sense moments such as The Berlin Crisis would c...

... middle of paper ... and the Soviet Union were competing on a very uneven playing field when the espionage wars kicked off in the earnest during the 1950s.” This theme of Soviet dominance in terms of espionage experience would reflect in regions such as Berlin. According to author William F. Buckley Jr. in The Fall of the Berlin Wall, Willy Brandt was a prominent political figure who would help relax the tensions between East and West during these Western and Eastern Bloc tension which came to prominence due to the Soviet Union’s constructions of a wall which would impede East Berliners from escaping to the western portion of Berlin. Brandt’s political career would suffer scrutiny due to “the revelation that one of his chief aides, Gunther Guillaume, was a communist spy… As a result Guillaume had unlimited access to NATO secrets, including information on nuclear weapons in

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