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Choose Your College Wisely Essay

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College is a great step in any one’s life, especially when it starts before high school is even over. Yet, there are options when making this leap and two common ones are online classes, and college in school (CIS). There are many differences, as well as similarities when it comes to the two. Of course the most obvious thing that makes these two alike is that they are both college class options. Plus each gives the student the chance to get a degree before graduating high school. Still, after taking both types of classes I have found online to be the best option.
In my mind, there are many advantages to online over CIS. For one, the tests and quizzes are graded immediately by the computer, so the student knows right away what the grade was on the assessment. Where if it was a normal college/high school setting they would have to wait to get their grade and stress about it, for who knows how long, where with online they would’ve already known.
In contrast, if there happens to be an issue with the grade on the assessment or even daily work the student has limited access to the instructor. CIS if there is a problem it can be discussed easily with the teacher, and smoothed over face to face. Where in online if there is an issue the only option is to either email, or possibly call the instructor, yet if the student has computer problems, such as it crashing, dyeing etc. email is out of the question and typically the teachers phone number is also on the site.
Although there is this minor bump in the road when it comes to online, it can easily be over looked by another one of online’s advantages and that is flexibility. The scheduling aspect of online is what I find to be the best part, because the courses are designed to fit around...

... middle of paper ...

...sections, look up what they need to, take notes, and ask others about the assignment. All to ensure clarity of the assignment before even starting it. Along with still being able to contact and work with other students all from the comfort of their own home, office, hotel room etc.
In conclusion online courses are the best option for any student. The advantages of having a flexible schedule, being able to learn at a desired pace, along with having the option to work wherever is comfortable. Out do any disadvantage that can be discussed. So when it comes anyone’s time to make the leap into to taking college classes all I can say is choose wisely.

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