The Choice Between Dreams And The Tesla Model Essay

The Choice Between Dreams And The Tesla Model Essay

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The Choice Between Dreams
Most men have a dream car. Mine switches back and forth between the BMW M4
supercar and the Tesla Model S fully electric. Both cars are sought after with higher price tags. While most people would love to have both in their garage it is more likely they will be stuck making the same choice between one or the other. Hopefully this review of both will give insight to making an educated decision on which car is better suited to you.
The Tesla Model S starts at a base price of $75,000 but has a $7,500 federal tax credit
and a $2,500 state tax credit. Bringing the price down to $65,000. It has two electric zero emission engines each the size of a watermelon with 259 horse power in the front and 508 horse power in the rear engine. With a full charge this car can travel a distance of 270 miles without ever contributing to the carbon footprint of the world today. That desperately needs saving. Charging the car at home takes around eight hours, but over night that does not really seem like a problem and only raises one’s electric bill ten dollars per full charge. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has built quick charge stations all over the U.S. and European countries called Superchargers. These supercharging stations are free with the life of the car and can charge from empty in a matter of thirty minutes. The stigma of electric cars is that they are not very fast. The Model S does 0 to 60 miles per hour (mph) in 2.8 seconds which is 0.3 seconds faster the the fastest Ferrari on the market. Putting it in supercar territory as a four door sedan with a top speed of 155mph.
The BMW M4 has a starting price of $64,000. It comes with a massive inline six
cylinder, three liter, twin turbo engine with 425 horse power. On a full t...

... middle of paper ...

...a large gym bag to sit on top of them. The exterior choices are three standard 19” rims and five different paint choices, with two of them being custom BMW paint color options. The M4 has a unique M-performance package that comes standard on all M model BMWs. With custom front bumper, side skirt, and rear bumper and exhausts.
Both the BMW M4 and the Tesla Model S are luxurious and sporty cars, and both have
their own unique features. The Model S being a quick and safe family car while the M4 is the fast paced sports car. They are both very desirable cars for different reasons, yet they both have great features and a nearly identical price point. If you were thinking of buying a new vehicle around the price range of $65,000 these would be two contenders. I’d have to choose the Model S with its environmental friendliness and safety rating over the BMW’s sporty coupe.

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