Essay on Child Obesity : A Growing Epidemic

Essay on Child Obesity : A Growing Epidemic

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Child obesity continues to be a growing plague that is becoming more and more of a concern to the general population in many first-world countries. Children are more prone to obesity because of their still maturing metabolisms and it can result in lasting effects if a knowledge of healthy foods and lifestyles is not present in their life. Children are often unable to make conscious health choices on their own and require their guardians to provide them with proper nourishment. This paper looks to identify some possible solutions to the factors that cause child obesity as well as glance at current programs that are being implemented and identify possible problems with these programs and solutions to these problems as well.

As child obesity has grown, there have been many different websites and programs designed to assist parents to lead their children down a more healthy pathway. Many of these programs are found or directed toward a lower income area or areas that are stricken by poverty. A child obesity program that has been mentioned is the "Just Say Yes" food program in New York. This program looks to educate lower income New Yorkers on the importance of eating healthy and cooking healthy meals. The website has many articles and recipes that ensure the proper nutrient requirements are met. This program may be useful for parents that have the time to cook a meal for their children. However, many lower income families simply do not have the time to sit down and cook a meal for their children. It is simply easier for them to swing through a fast food chain and pick up a cheap meal to make sure their children eat and oftentimes they do not tend to think about what they are feeding their kids. This website could help this situation ...

... middle of paper ... is one reason why many children are not eating recommended levels of fruits, vegetables and whole grains(LetsMove,2016). A major factor for this is that the parents or guardians of the children do not have the time or money to prepare a healthy meal. They simply purchase fast food meals so their children will be fed. Schools can play a major factor in this. Since schools provide education for children, the schools can provide major insight to the children on the importance of healthy eating that their parents are unable to. The school could also provide healthier meals that may not be available to most children.

In conclusion, there are many factors that are making childhood obesity an ongoing battle and there are many solutions that have been suggested. Some are more effective than others, but it is up to society to make communities healthier places for children.

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