Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Introduction It is imperative that teachers and stakeholders are aware that abuse occurs in many homes involving children. Many children are placed in harms’ way daily and it has had a devastating effect on their learning capabilities. It is hard for a teacher to determine if a child is being neglected or abused if there are no physical marks identifiable. It is important that children are educated on abuse and can identify when abuse is occurring. The teacher has to know how the children in his/her class learn in order to notice that there is a change of willingness or incapability’s of being able to effectively learn because of their home environment. While observing at God’s Little Blessings childcare facility, there was a new student enrolled age three that had previously been sexually abused by her uncle. This went on for months because the child could not distinguish that she was being violated, and did not know there was anything wrong with her uncle touching her inappropriately. According to the Council of Australian Governments studies have shown the great majority of cases involving child sexual abuse, exploitation, and pornography, however, are not detected or reported( COAG, 2009; Wurtele, 2009). It is important to implement a program for children, educating them on different types of abuse, and how to report it to a trusted adult. The policy for change on abuse is needed in many schools and early childhood setting program. While collaborating with God’s Little Blessings Daycare, it was observed while children were learning about body parts such as: legs, arms, tummies, etc… that the children were unaware of parts of the body that should never be touched by an adult. There were surveys handed out to the parents, t... ... middle of paper ... ...onger attended the daycare center, she was not at liberty to discuss personal information about the children. However, she did discuss the correct protocol for reporting the abuse. The stakeholders and parents will be assessed by participating in a questionnaire survey. The survey will allow the childcare facility to determine how many parents are willing to allow their child to participate in abuse education, in an early childhood setting and schools. Parent involvement will be assessed to see if they are willing to engage in abuse awareness. The survey questionnaire was given to staff and parents, the parents were allowed to take the questionnaire home on Monday and return it to the childcare director on Friday, so that they would have ample time to answer questions with sincere thought. There were a total of 28 parents that have children at the childcare facility.
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