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Chef Chefs : The Chefs Essay

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Creating fancy cakes, breads, delectable desserts and other treats are the specialties of pastry chefs. Desserts are difficult to make but everyone loves them. Customers especially love desserts that are new, appealing, and even desserts that remind them of home. Being a classically trained pastry chef is an honor and I am lucky enough to call myself one. Not only is being a classically trained pastry chef an honor, it is rare to find chefs with that title. I can create traditional and nontraditional, delicious and visually appealing desserts that have been praised by the highest critics. As well as creating the desserts I am capable of running the behind scenes. Such as managing other chefs/bakers, delivery teams, and the front wait staff. I can not only complete an order in a timely manner but also complete it while exceeding expectations.
Despite the scarcity of classically trained pastry chefs, the pastry chef market is not exclusive so there are competitors. These competitors can be separated into two main categories: traditional and contemporary. Both types of pastry chefs have several abilities such as creativity, detail-oriented, be well-rounded, and have experience. Contemporary chefs are more focused on being new and creating crazy cakes. While traditional chefs are centered on following the traditional rules and perfecting their basic skills. Despite the experience gaps between these competitors and myself, I make up for it in my creativity, attention to detail, innovation and being able to expand my culinary knowledge. Also unlike my competitors I do not just focus on one path. I control the traditional, invent new methods, embrace the crazy, and let my imagination run while in all aspects of the pastry world. To hi...

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...ound that my strengths outweigh my weaknesses and the possible opportunities outweigh the possible threats.
I provide bakery/restaurant owners with the most delectable desserts than any other pastry chef. I do this by innovating various flavor combinations, placing a high value on details, and bringing a positive attitude. Over the next few years there are some steps that I can take to increase my value. I plan to study abroad in France in the coming year. There I will be able to sample and learn from the traditional French pastry chefs. Also later on I will be able to study at the Culinary Institute of America. This culinary school is one of the top culinary schools in America, which will allow me to increase my strengths and diminish my weaknesses. My vision for my future in the pastry world is to be unparalleled by any of my competitors, and I will achieve this.

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