The Characteristics Of Chesapeake Community Essay examples

The Characteristics Of Chesapeake Community Essay examples

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The characteristics of Chesapeake community were totally distinctive in many senses. The Chesapeake territory drifted from English societal norms and for that reason many of the societal institutions within the territory were quite unstable, it led to relatively equivocal gender roles for women in the Chesapeake (Berkin, 6). With that being said in order to describe the union of man and woman in the Chesapeake one would begin to merely state that it was not only common, but rather the norm, for men and women to both marry more than once throughout their lifetime (Berkin, 5). The reason why there was second marriage is because most of the women were young when they get married. most men were considered propitious to find a wife for the fact that the sex ratio of men to women was six to one, and yet still three to one as late as 1680 (Berkin, 6).
The loss of life within the Chesapeake appeared to be devastating. Women were especially credulous to an early death due to vulnerability of bacterial diseases during pregnancy (Berkin, 7). Men generally lived longer than women, something that has come to change now centuries later. As for pregnancy, women were generally pregnant every two years until they reached menopause or died (Berkin, 9). And life expectancy for children was no greater than women, “forty-five percent of all white children born within the Chesapeake region died before their twentieth birthday” (Berkin, 6).
However, gossip was a fierce weapon amongst Chesapeake women, for the fact that they were left out of ‘large politics’ of government (Berkin, 11). Married women were much more susceptible to extreme consequences from a tarnished reputation due to accusations of promiscuity than that of a single woman for the ...

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...merica, 47).
Maryland and Virginia created the Chesapeake territory. The tobacco shaped the aspect of life. Thousands of poor innocent young Englishmen were brought over to work in the tobacco fields. They came as apprentice servants, working without combination of an unbalanced sex ratio and frequent deaths caused by an unhealthy climate, grueling labor, and poor diet produced what historian call a “demographic disaster’’ in the seventeenth-century Chesapeake (Making America, 48).
The middle colonies region was originally settled by the Dutch and the Swedes, but the English sized the area in 1664. New Sweden and Netherland became New Jersey and New York. In 1681 William Penn created the colony of Pennsylvania, west of New Jersey, as a home for Quakers. Unlike the puritans, however he welcomed people of all faith into his holy experiment (Making America, 69).

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