Baltimore Maryland Cuisine

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Mary M. Brotherton
Chef Anthony Picinotti
Maryland Cosine
February 19, 2014
Baltimore Maryland Cuisine
As the largest independent city in the country and biggest cultural hub in Maryland people have to expect that Baltimore offers some great food experiences. Being born and raised in Baltimore I am very pleased to be writing this paper and sharing our culture with you. Even though we are known for our crime and every other abandoned house is a shooting gallery, we are also known for our blue crabs. There's even a crab on our state IDs. In this paper I will be telling you about the first settlements in Maryland and their culinary influences along with our modern culinary trends.
The first settlements in Maryland were founded by Englishman on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in 1634. These men were wealthy. They soon establishes the lavish social life they had been use to in England. Just as lavish was the cuisine. Oyster stuffing for roasted wild turkey became a specialty of Maryland cuisine since there was a large supply of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Since turtles were also in large supply along the Maryland shores, turtle stew became a well known dish.
Being found in a Mid-Atlantic state but south of the Mason Dixon line Maryland can lay claim to a blend of Northern and Southern American traditions. Maryland has been influenced by English, American, and African American cuisine. Seafood is a prime ingredient in Maryland cuisine and is also the state's primary food product. Harvesting seafood in the Chesapeake Bay dates back to the Indians. Many Indians preserved their catches for winter by salting or smoking them. Chesapeake Bay oysters have been eaten for centuries. The Patuxent River has been an importan...

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...distributed to Baltimore by the Pabst Brewing Company.
If you ever find yourself in Baltimore there are some things and places you must go and do. First of all there is Lexington Market which stretches over two blocks. This centuries old market has more than one hundred and fifty stalls and vendors offering fresh vegetables, seafood, meats, baked goods and prepared foods. You can find some of the best crab cakes known to man here, you haven't had a real crab cake until you taste one without all the bread filling. The sweet meat of blue crab is held together by egg, a tiny bit of bread crumbs an more crab meat. Camden Yards is also a must see. It is one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the world. Instead of the traditional hotdog stands you will find pit beef sandwiches and Natty Boh. I highly recommend you go on a food tour if ever in Baltimore.

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