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Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall hosted performing artist Chris Thile on September 12th to delight a full house with a comedic, live, musical performance featuring himself. Appearing as a one-man-show, Thile stood simply on stage with his mandolin around his neck and a microphone in front of him to capture his witty banter and southern vocals. Throughout the course of the night, technical errors threatened to detract from the show but Thile took them in stride as he worked the mishaps gracefully into his act. Overall, the performance was executed to the high standards of the Grammy Award Winning musician and his famously diverse and spontaneous art was eloquently displayed to his lively audience members.
Appropriately named An Evening with Chris Thile, the performance came across as intimate and inclusive. Thile’s broad set list and warm charismatic stage presence revealed his experienced background in professionally playing for an audience and increased his credibility. Thile’s skillful disposition helped his audience trust his unguided performance and relax to understand the show. On way that Thile presented himself in a tenured manner was through his lack of aid from props. The large stage ladi mostly empty, except for a rug, a stool, a dark and cloudy projected background, and Thile himself, however the atmosphere felt cozy because of Thile’s large presence. As one audience member, William Huneycutt, said “Too much visual would have distracted from the performance, because it was meant to be musical,” an insight into some of the reasons Thile may have chosen to keep the stage clean. Additional stage props may have simply detracted from Chris Thile’s music by posing an overwhelming obstacle for his audience members to try to overc...

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...ique and diverse musician who cares about the happiness of his audience and the fluidity of his performance. Thile presented a professional but laid back presence which allowed his audience to relax enough to focus on his musical abilities. Thile also escaped catastrophe through witty comments that did not avoid the troubles but instead recognized them and helped move the show forward and away from the mistakes in order to continue to appreciate his performance instead of worrying about the unavoidable flaws. In choosing to perform as a solo artist, Thile presented himself thourgh his music, allowing it to remain spontaneous and accurate to his own abilities which spoke greatly to the talented performer he is. Thile’s concert was a recognizably unrepeatable event that displayed the abilities of an artist who’s live talents demonstrate his successful musical career.

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