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Eric Schwartz is a singer songwriter whom I saw at a house concert this semester. Singer songwriters tend to be soloists who write and sing their own songs. Schwartz does just this, by writing autobiographical songs, such as “Who’s Gonna Love Me Tonight.” Schwartz also does this by writing songs which comment on current events, such as “Senator Whoever.” He then goes on to perform these songs by himself without a band. It is characteristics like these which help to label Eric Schwartz as a singer songwriter. Due to seeing Eric Schwartz at a house concert, the set up of the performance was different than a concert at a venue like the House of Blues, Chicago Theatre, or United Center. For one thing, the number of people in the audience was greatly reduced at the house concert compared to a number of other venues. This can be attributed to the lack of space available at a venue like a house concert. Approximately 30 people were in attendance of Eric Schwartz’s house concert, whereas hundreds or even thousands of people are in the audience at other venues. The effects used at a house co...

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